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Quality policy

Since 1991 we have been consequently realizing a market and family strategy. Accordingly, we act as a specialized family enterprise providing hotel and catering services.

Our main strategic goals:

  • as concerns the hotel trade – “to ensure a family and nice atmosphere when serving our hotel guests”,

  • as concerns catering – ”to prepare tasty meals using methods of traditional Polish cuisine, when executing culinary orders of the restaurant and bar customers”.

The main aim of our quality policy is a home atmosphere during your stay in our hotel, tasty food and good drinks for our guests and customers, which gives us satisfaction.

A precise identification of their needs is the key to success.

We want to be a place where each guest and customer may have a nice rest, appetizing food and good drink.

To accomplish the set strategy direction, we:

  • care about a friendly atmosphere and relations among the staff providing hotel and catering services,

  • use traditional methods for preparing the dishes,

  • cooperate only with those suppliers of foodstuffs who apply GMP/GHP and HACCP rules,

  • employ only regular and reliable subcontractors of services and suppliers of materials and raw materials who offer best quality.

President of the Hotel

Enjoy your stay at our hotel.

Are you satisfied with your stay at our hotel ? 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen ! 
The survey is to determine the quality level of our services.
Your comments and suggestions are an invaluable source of knowledge, which enables us to constantly improve the quality of our services.



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quality policy

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