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Hotel regulations



§ 1

  1. The hotel room is let for 24 hours.

  2. The hotel day starts at noon of the arrival day and ends at noon of the following day.

§ 2

To rent a room, the guest should submit his/her identity card in order to be registered for a temporary stay and pay for the stay in advance.

§ 3

  1. If the guest does not determine the stay period when renting the room it is assumed that the room is let for one day. 

  2. The guest should report his/her wish to extend the stay beyond the period fixed on the arrival day at the reception desk by 10,00 a.m. of the check-out date. 

  3. The hotel will grant the request for any stay extension whenever possible.

§ 4

  1. Hotel quiet hours from 10,00 p.m. to 6,00 a.m. of the following day. 

  2. Behaviour of the guests and persons who make use of the hotel services should not disturb a comfortable stay of other guests. The hotel may refuse further services to any person who violates this rule.

§ 5

  1. Any guest has not the right to hand over the vacated room to other people even if the paid stay period has not expired.

  2. Persons who are not registered at the hotel can stay in the hotel room from 6,00 a.m. to 10,00 p.m.. After 10,00 p.m. any additional persons staying with the guests in the room have to be registered. 

§ 6

For fire security reasons it is forbidden to: 

  • use immersion heaters, irons and other similar devices that are not the room fittings in the rooms, 

  • throw butt-ends and used matches to waste bins,

  • keep flammable or caustic materials or those having unpleasant smell in the room,

  • smoke when in bed. 

§ 7

Before leaving the room, any guest is obliged to: 

  • turn the tap of the water supply system in the room off, 

  • close windows in the room, 

  • turn all electricity-powered devices off (lighting, TV set).

§ 8

Each time when leaving the room, any guest should check if the door is closed and leave the key at the reception desk. 

§ 9

Any hotel guest will bear financial responsibility for any damage to or destruction of any hotel furniture, fixtures, fittings and technical equipment through the fault of the guest or visiting persons.


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